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I have crisscrossed the continent and birded the farthest reaches of the ABA area for nearly a decade, visiting almost every corner of North America and the respective birding hotspots, from the western Aleutians to the Dry Tortugas, from Newfoundland to Baja California, and south to the Darien in Panama. In addition, I have explored the center of the continent, gaining birding experience in 48 states and seven Central American countries. Some birding adventures have taken me further afield, including trips to South Africa, southeast Asia, Australia, and South America.

I honed my field skills in my home state of Texas, where I continue to travel extensively, always seeking novel locations in search of new birds. I have gained intimate knowledge of the majority of Texas birds and am especially well-versed with the birds of the upper coast, the Rio Grande Valley, and the Trans-Pecos region.

During four seasons in Alaska, I was fortunate enough to discover a new species for North America in the form of an Intermediate Egret and co-authored a scientific paper for a new breeding record, describing the first nesting of Lanceolated Warbler in the ABA area. Closer to home I found the first nest of a Gray-crowned Yellowthroat in Texas, a species which had not bred in the state in over a century. The infinite possibilities and many facets of birding combine for a lifelong passion.

My interest in birds led me to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Texas after completing my Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Houston. Not surprisingly, my research focused on birds, particularly the landscape ecology of wintering grassland birds in northeast Texas, leading to a number of publications on Le Conte’s and Henslow’s Sparrows natural history and distribution. Sparrows have remained one of my favorite groups of birds. I have written and co-authored a number of papers, ranging from seabird natural history to hummingbird predation. At the moment, I write articles on birding, hotspots, and travel for a number of magazines, including BirdWatcher’s Digest and BirdWatching.

I regularly share my experience with audiences of Audubon groups and offer presentations on a wide variety of topics. For the past two years, I have participated as a guide at FeatherFest in Galveston and lead outings for the Houston Ornithological Group and San Jacinto College. Other guiding experience includes two seasons at the renowned Bosque del Rio Tigre Lodge in Costa Rica and St. Paul Island Tours in Alaska. Field work has been mainly research related and I worked on several projects focusing on evolutionary ecology and conservation biology, including work in Jamaica for the Smithsonian Institute, studies in Australia for the Max Planck Institute, and monitoring in the Bering Sea for the USFWS.

The only thing that beats a great day in the field, the kind of day when all the bird fall into place, is a great day in the field shared with other people. Whether you are interested in boosting your life list by seeking out tough target birds, maybe finally nail that tricky identification problem, or just want to learn about local hotspots, I can help with high quality personal guiding for an unforgettable day in the field.

Currently I am a Professor of Biology at San Jacinto College and I am available for guided trips during weekends and longer trips during other times of the year. If interested in personal guiding on the upper Texas coast and points beyond please contact me directly at for details. Or just leave a comment and I will get back to you immediately.

Stephan Lorenz birding salt pans in southern Peru


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