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Dear Reader, welcome to Birding Travel! We are happy and honored that you are taking the time to read and hopefully enjoy this new, free digital magazine. Please see details below on how to receive your monthly copy (download Issue 1 from archives). Birding Travel aims to promote responsible travel and encourage birders to seek new opportunities either across different continents or closer to home. We strongly favor sustainable ecotourism and will highlight working examples in our pages whenever possible. As birders and travellers we can play an integral role in conserving habitats and protecting birds around the globe.

Articles include a wide range of topics, but mainly revolve around birding travel experiences from afar and North America. From basic site guides, personal travel essays, to species sketches, Birding Travel looks at birding opportunities through the eyes of conservationists, educators, dedicated listers, casual birders, and everybody in between. Content ranges from serious to casual, humorous to harrowing, with fresh perspectives on world birding. Our goal is to increase knowledge of the world’s avifauna, highlight hotspots, and most of all, inspire birders to head out: birding and travelling. Or at least offer some birding stories to make it through a workday trapped behind a desk or on the couch during a winter freeze.

Please join us, as we explore the world one bird at a time and thank you again for picking up the issue.


Stephan Lorenz

P.S. If you like what you read and see, please feel free to share with friends and family.


January 2014 Issue 1

February 2014 Issue 2

March 2014 Issue 3

April 2014 Issue 4

May 2014 Issue 5

August 2014 Issue 6

September 2014 Issue 7

October 2014 Issue 8

November 2014 Issue 9

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  1. […] came across a blog that produces a pdf. birding magazine, for those interested here is the link: They are up to issue two so far, I downloaded both (free) and they are a good […]


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