Second Gull Workshop Saturday March 7th

GullsAfter the “gullvanizing” success of the first workshop I am happy to announce a second gull workshop in March. The beginning of March will offer a wide variety of species and we will be able to study all ages of the expected species. Please join me for a fun and productive field in the day.
Date: Saturday March 7th
Time: 7 am until early evening (this is an all-day workshop)
Cost: $75 (includes transportation)
Limited to 5 participants, so sign up early.
Whether gulls “tern” you off or on, this workshop is for you. Let’s take the fear out of gulls and replace it with fascination, overall they are some pretty amazing birds. This workshop will focus on the regular gulls and terns found during the winter on the Upper Texas Coast. We will learn how to identify the common gulls, talk a bit about ageing, and study anything else that may be present on the beach. Maybe we even get lucky and spot an uncommon gull among the throng. We will also spend time looking out at sea for seabirds and seaducks. We will visit gull hotspots around Houston and Galveston. This is an all-day field trip, so come dressed appropriately.
I hope you can join me,

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  1. Posted by Donna Bailey on February 23, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    I would like to participate. I haven’t joined any of your sessions before (since meeting you at Featherfest last year) so let me know how to pay you, etc

    Donna Bailey

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