Surprise in Baytown Harris Co. Western Grebe

I rushed down to Baytown this afternoon scoping Tabbs Bay from Thompson fishing camp. Lots of birds out there with swarms of gulls and large rafts of scaup, searching through the throng and hoping for a scoter I noticed a grebe with a longish bill in the distance. At nearly a mile out the bird disappeared and I gave up on it. After several minutes I had a nagging feeling and checked again, at the large distance I could make out an Aechmophorus grebe and after studying it for some time felt pretty confident it was a Western. After the obligatory phone calls I managed to hop into a boat and two folks were nice enough to try to get me closer. Without any luck I returned to land and found the bird again even further out. Fortunately John Berner arrived and during a second boat attempt we finally found it as we were heading back and got some record photos and confirmed the ID as Western.



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