Catching up with Harris Co. Rarities

After being tied up at work for several days and going out of town for Thanksgiving I failed to keep up with some good birds that had graced the county lately. Here was my chance to play catch up, but with limited afternoon time I knew I needed luck to be on my side. Longbaugh Road west of Houston has been the hotspot lately with an apparently faithful and easy to see Ferruginous Hawk and a more stubborn Ladder-backed Woodpecker. I arrived around 3 pm and spotted the hawk circled the field north of the road from the car. I stopped and enjoyed distant but good scope views of it circling and kiting. Within ten minutes of observing the hawk I heard the call of a Ladder-backed Woodpecker and knowing that the bird has been absent for hours for many other birders I rushed in the direction of the call. I shouldn’t have worried the bird perched prominently on a telephone pole and over the next twenty minutes worked its way from pole to pole in a westerly direction before flying off for good into a grove of trees deep within private property, I got lucky. In addition sparrows were in abundance and flocks og Snow Geese on the move. A walk around Paul Rushing Park produced many ducks and sparrows, but nothing unusual.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker Harris Co. Texas Photo Stephan Lorenz



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