Pine Siskins in Bear Creek Park and an interesting sapsucker

I headed to Bear Creek Park in the midmonring and within ten minutes had checked several feeding flocks, including Red-breasted Nuthacthes of course. I then spotted an interesting looking sapsucker, more on that later, but for now it looks like I will spend some time on sapsucker identification. The back coloration caused me to put out a tentetive call and within minutes a dozen birders had assembled. While some agreed it looked interesting the overall feeling was that it was not a Red-naped Sapsucker like we hoped. In fact I now think it may actually fall within Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and question the back color (distribution of white) as an actual field mark to help separate the two similar sapsuckers. After abandoning the sapsucker (great pictures can be seen here: taken by Mike who was luckily at hand) I walked a few feet and Jim Hinson got me on at least 20 Pine Siskins, mission accomplished. The rest of the afternoon brought no further excitement.

More on the sapsucker to come…


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  1. I have never seen so many people converge on a bird quite so quickly. I think EMS responders have slower response times then several of the folks who came to see the sapsucker:) Mike’s pictures still look like a hybrid to me, but I will let much more learned folks than I make that distinction!


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