County Bird #290

After work I checked by the Lynchburg Ferry area on my way home. While waiting for the ferry I scanned the ship channel from the car to see whether anything interesting was flying in or out. I noticed a raptor circling above the expansive spil island in the background, the long thin wings, strong V, and distinct hovering could only mean one thing, my county White-tailed Kite finally. The bird swooped out of sight, but after crossing the ferry I set up the scope and scanned. It took quite a bit of time before I spotted it again sitting high on a power line, preening and not moving much. Fortunately Janet arrived about forty minutes later and the bird hadn’t moved, while the looks were distant, in the softening evening light we could discern the white head and black shoulders, a good bird for the county list. On the way out I came across a large Scissor-tailed Flycatcher roost of at least 50 birds along Independence.


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