Brown Booby in Harris Co.

After work today, I headed on the usual loop towards Baytown and back across the Lynchburg Ferry through the San Jacinto Monument and home, well I never made it to the monument. I pulled off Monmouth Street and checked the San Jacinto River mouth, lots of terns were flying about and I scanned every pier and exposed banks for anything unusual, several Brown Boobies had shown up in odd places lately. Without any luck I continued towards the Lynchburg Ferry. I stopped at one of my favorite places, the small fisherman’s island off Crosby Lynchburg Rd.. There were lots of birds in the bay, with terns, shorebirds, after a few minutes of scanning without seeing anything unusual I focused on the large power poles that stretch towards the Baytown bridge, within seconds I spotted an adult Brown Booby among Neotropic and Double-crested Cormorants. The first thing I did was run back to the car to get the cell phone. A call to Claudia got me the phone numbers and I was able to reach Janet Rathjen and John Berner, who set the wheels in motion. 40 anxious minutes later Janet arrived and we were able to get some photos. While waiting and studying the bird that stretched and preened, I spotted a Clapper Rail on a mudlfat, completely out in the open. Later, fortunately with Janet present, a Least Bittern flew by. Three new county birds in one short evening. Photo below by Janet Rathjen, thank you.

Photo Janet Rathjen


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  1. Posted by Michael Student on August 30, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    What state are you located in? It would really help if we knew just in case we want to do some research in your area. Thanks, Mike S.



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