Willow Flycatchers at the home patch

This pm I rushed over to the park and fortunately ran into Judy who had been checking on things all day. She informed me that a few migrants were still about. After checking on a Red-shouldered Hawk nest that may have not survived last night’s storm we came upon some migrants. First Judy got me on a brilliant Blackburnian Warbler followed by a Yellow Warbler and Red-eyed Vireo. Eastern Wood Pewees were common and we spied the odd Willow/Alder Flycatcher. After pishing up a Canada Warbler and Judy just missing a Swainson’s Thrush we headed back. I heard distinct “whit” calls from the willows and we were able to closely observe and listen to two “whitting” Willow Flycatchers. We compared their calls to recordings, got great views of the “field marks”, and finally I had my Willow Flycatcher for the park, actually for Texas. An awesome finish to a quick visit.


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