Parking lot birding

This morning the familiar American Robin was singing right above my parked car and I almost got in a drove off when the chatter of a Baltimore Oriole caused me to look up. I saw the bird, a male and enjoyed it for a minute, when a female Orchard Oriole appeared. I grabbed the binoculars and waited a few more minutes. Before long I had about 20 male Baltimore Orioles, several Orchard Orioles moving rapidly through the trees. A Summer Tanager popped in and a sluggish male Rode-breasted Grosbeak followed. I walked across the lot to some fruiting mulberry where Cedar Waxwings had been busy all winter. The waxwings were still there, but so were more orioles and Scarlet Tanagers (2), a single Tennessee Warbler was on the only warbler. Two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers chased each other about. Back at the main oak an Indigo Bunting literally dropped out of the sky and both species of tanagers sat in the same binocular field. Unfortunately I had to tear myself away, but will pay more attention to the trees in the apartments, pretty incredible given the location. Two Northern Parulas had shown up earlier in the Spring, maybe time to start a list (100 would be the goal).


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