Rufous-crowned Sparrow in Houston

I made the early morning trip to Paul Sellin’s house in west Houston hoping to catch up with the lingering Rufous-crowned Sparrow. The Sellin’s have graciously allowed birders to hover around their front yard to have a chance at the bird. I arrived a little after seven under a gray sky with light drizzle. The street was quiet, very quiet, except for an older couple out for a morning walk, looking at me quizzically. I waited, had some coffee and waited.

A single House Sparrow stirred the bush behind me, I kept looking at the front yard. Interestingly the Rufous-crowned Sparrow seems to have keyed in on a micro habitat of scattered bushes among relatively dry rocks and pebbles, slightly resembling its normal habitat. The slightest movement near the wall of the neighbor house caught my attention. The bird hopped out of view only to poke its head back out. Distinct eye ring, white throat and of course rufous crown. There it was. The sparrow hopped out into the open for great views before flying nearly straight up and over the roof. I looked a little bit longer, but the bird had seemed skittish and I couldn’t find it again. Thanks again to Paul Sellin for a great county bird and his great photo of the bird.


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