Harris County: Chasing some odds and ends

My feet were soaked and I smelled like swamp, usually a condition I don’t mind, but I had to be at work in a few hours. A Sedge Wren chattered nearby, popped up, saw me and did the dive. After forty minutes of studying the wet sedges all I had to show for were a few wrens, a great look at a Nelson’s Sparrow and a fleeting glimpse of a gray brown bird, no doubt the Seaside Sparrow. I was about to pull the plus and search other habitat when Greg Page arrived. Technology beat persistence and within a minute or two a Seaside Sparrow stretched its neck and showed itself, barely. I could make out only the head, but it was enough to check off Seaside, and exceedingly rare bird in the county. On the drive out I spotted a close Horned Grebe and after scanning the bay a distant loon.

At the ferry road pull-out we had several shorebirds, including Spotted, Least Sandpipers, Dunlin, Sanderling, Willet, and Black-bellied Plover, but no luck with any gulls. I cleaned up as much as I could and after work rushed over to Sheldon Lake were I finally found the Great Kiskadee, but only after it called several times.

Horned and Pied-billed Grebes Harris Co. Photo Stephan Lorenz

poor photo of Great Kiskadee Harris Co.


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