Harris Co. Birding: Katy Prairie

Spent the morning birding west of Houston, hoping to add some easy species to my Harris Co. list. The morning started off well with the Pyrrhuloxia at Longenbaugh Rd. The bird was in its usual spot and I found it right after I stepped out of the car. A bit further down the road a reluctant Bewick’s Wren finally came out into the open. In the area I also spotted my first White-tailed Hawk for the county, nice when new birds still come easy. At Paul Rushing Park I scanned through the ducks, but had nothing unusual among many Canvasback, Pintail, Wigeon, Shovelers, Ring-necked. Several large blackbird flocks had many Brewer’s mixed in. A single Horned Lark was also new for the list. I stopped at Warren Lake overlook and spotted two lark Buntings among a good sized flock of Harris’ Sparrows, pretty happy about the find, I had nearly 30 Lark Buntings thirty minutes later off Sharp Rd. with many Harris’s Sparrows (I continue to be amazed at how abundant the species is this winter) and the usual White-crowned and Field Sparrows. Calling Bobwhite refused to show themselves. Windy but nice day and a handful of birds closer to 300.

Pyrrhuloxia Harris Co. Photo Stephan Lorenz

one of dozens of Harris's Sparrows in Harris Co. Photo Stephan Lorenz

Lark Bunting Harris Co. Photo Stephan Lorenz

not every year that this happens Harris Co. Photo Stephan Lorenz


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