El Franco Lee Park: Harris’s and Fox Sparrows

A quick trip this morning yielded some good birds. I was mainly hoping to catch up with Harris’s Sparrow at the park given the recent “invasion” along the coast. Bird numbers were high with lots of American Goldfinches and several large groups of White-throated Sparrows. The weed patch was pretty quiet except for a small troop of Field Sparrows, but some pishing brought up a single Fox Sparrow that I saw briefly, a new bird for the park. In addition a Dark-eyed Junco was mixed in, a new bird for me at the park, and a surprisingly rare bird here.

I scoured the woodland edges for sparrows, but found only White-throated. I heard a possible Eastern Towhee, but had no luck. On the way out I came across the hoped for bird when a Harris’s Sparrow hopped into the trail for a moment. It was part of a small feeding flock that contained the junco and Field Sparrows along with a single White-crowned Sparrow. The flock moved into the weed patch and after I followed I found a second Harris’s Sparrow, this one with more black on the crown and breast. Three new birds for my list in a short morning.

Harris's Sparrow El Franco Lee Park, Photo Stephan Lorenz

Harris's Sparrow El Franco Lee Park, Photo Stephan Lorenz


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