El Franco Lee Park: Nelson’s Sparrows visit the home patch

The cold front blew in some expected migrants and wintering species over the weekend. I wasn’t too surprised to come across a Brown Thrasher, which I actually rarely see here, increased numbers of Wilson’s Warbler and Nashville Warbler mixed in. Indigo Buntings, Dickcissels, and Blue Grosbeaks were on the move in good numbers. Of course ducks continue to trickle in. With the large numbers of Soras present in the marsh, I figured the grassy edges provided good habitat for wintering birds and Marsh and Sedge Wrens have already moved. On Saturday John Berner and Co. alerted me to the find of the day, apparently several Nelson’s Sparrows had landed in the marsh over night. I was able to see three yesterday and returned today to photograph them. I wasn’t disappointed, within minutes I can across several, I estimate half a dozen. While the park lies close to the coastline and known wintering areas this is still a species that is rarely encountered during migration and rarely away from its favored coastal salt marshes. Among many Savanna Sparrows and possible Vesper got away, well good reason to check soon.

Nelson's Sparrows, El Franco Lee Park Photo Stephan Lorenz

Vermillion Flycatcher back at El Franco Lee Park, Photo Stephan Lorenz

Carolina Wren El Franco Lee Park, Photo Stephan Lorenz


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