Smith Point to Anahuac NWR

Yellow-headed Blackbirds Anahuac NWR, Texas Photo Stephan Lorenz

Smith Point Hawk migration was very slow, with Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s early on and then just a trickle of Broad-winged Hawks, single Swallow-tailed Kites, many Mississippi Kites, an Osprey, and American Kestrels added to the mix, but I saw more hawks on the drive to Anahuac and home than at the tower. At Anahuac a Merlin panicked a large flock of cowbirds, stopping to take pictures of the Merlin, I noticed three Yellow-headed Blackbirds mixed in, seems to be a good year for the species on the upper Texas coast.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds Anahuac, Photo Stephan Lorenz

Sharp-shinned Hawk Smith Point, Texas Photo Stephan Lorenz


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  1. Colin Shields, a volunteer at Ahahuac saw 6 more yellow-headed blackbirds Sunday, September 24, along 1085 between the road to Old Ahanuac and the volunteer trailers, about 7 miles to the east.


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