Home Patch: Fall Migrants

The flycatcher show continues with birds apparently piling up at the park on their way south, this morning I saw between 30 and 40 empids. The vocal ones were Alder with a few Least mixed in and what looked like a Yellow-bellied. A Mourning Warbler continued with more Yellow Warblers present, at least two Northern Waterthrushes moved through and a Yellow-breasted Chat (new for the park list) was mixed in with several Orchard Orioles. The chat, uncustomary, actually flew high up into a tree to feed on berries.

A single distant Cooper’s Hawk was the only migrating raptor. Shorebirds still down in numbers. I finally managed to get a poor photo of the Waxbills, which were still present in the dense reeds. Other migrants plus wintering bird arriving: Belted Kingfisher and Indigo Bunting.

Yesterday also a Mourning Warbler and a Yellow-throated Vireo (new for me here).

08/17/2011 Olive-sided Flycatcher pm

escaped Orange-cheeked Waxbill El Franco Lee County Park, Texas Photo Stephan Lorenz

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher El Franco Lee Park, Texas Photo Stephan Lorenz


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