Great-tailed Grackles are succesful for a reason

Yesterday, just before leaving the field my colleague and I spotted a Great-tailed Grackle atop a fencepost eating a mouse. The bird carefully picked on it. A female flew up to perch nearby and the male dropped the mouse. The female quickly picked it up and few off towards a hedgerow, maybe a nest. Looking into the literature, Great-tailed Grackles feed mainly on insects and plant material, but will also take snakes. Mammals have been rarely recorded in their diet, but apparently grackles are pretty plastic in their food habits. This is probably one of the reasons these birds are so widespread and succesful, surviving in many altered habitats. I wish I would have gotten a better photo.

Great-tailed Grackle eating mouse, south Texas Photo Stephan Lorenz


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  1. most of the corvids demostrate flesh eating. Have seen it in them all. Your capture of the moment is great. male masked duck in Sabal palms!


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